18 Aug 2014

It Seems Like Forever.....

 We all knew it would happen - it would just take its own sweet time, once again insinuating the fact that as gardeners, patience, which is supposed to one of our strongest virtues, is often sidelined by the desire for 'instant gratification,' which in my estimation, is one of the less desirable residual residues that the age of technology has instilled within us. It was my Grandmother after all who used to intone, 'Patience dear Prudence,' upon her middle Grandchild when he wanted his beloved 'Jack' to bloom the day after it broke above the surface of the soil. Patience often results in moments of stunning beauty, such as this, the moment when my beloved Anemonopsis macrophylla  fully unfurled his magnificent beauty! It all began on the Saturday, when, with delicate, loving care, I turned one of his swollen buds over to discover that his sepals were indeed beginning to unfurl themselves. As the date held symbolic meaning for me, it truly was as if my Grandmother was here with me! 

I have pontificated at great length to the fact that for me, he [Anemonopsis] is indeed the fairest of the fair. His demure structure, coloration and whimsical airy presence are a magnet for me and my trusted Nikon. Please share in my most joyous of garden moments!

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