29 Dec 2014

Lustful Urges!

I know, I know! The year isn't over and already I am looking ahead to 2015! I lost my beloved Cercidiphyllum japonicum 'Rotfuchs' to the ice storm of 2013, and after much contemplation, have decided to replace it with something that, while not an exact match, will once again afford me the same delightful shape of foliage - the delightful fluttering hearts - on a tree that I have been lusting after since spotting it in front of the office at Connon nurseries this past summer. I resisted the urge, hoping at the time that 'Rotfuchs' would make some miraculous recovery. Alas no - and hence the reason that Cercis canadensis 'Floating Clouds' is making his debut appearance on my blog at the end of December!

'Floating Clouds' is a small deciduous tree with a trunk that is closely divided to the ground, allowing for the formation of a graceful, spreading rounded canopy. At maturity it is said to gain an overall height of 4m [this height can be maintained with diligent shaping] and a spread of slightly more than 3m. As with all 'Redbuds,' clusters of light pink to lavender flowers in Spring are followed by the emergence of stunningly variegated heart shaped foliage. Each leaf is a shimmering contrast of whitish cream, light and dark green, alluding to its name 'Floating Clouds!' Reputedly hardy between zones 5-9, I have my fingers crossed with this one, as I also lost C.c 'Greswan' [Burgundy Hearts] to the ice storm as well, but do have two rather handsome specimens of the native species that over wintered with little concern. And now everyone knows the source of my lustful urges! Tell me I am the only one! I dare you!

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