26 Jan 2015

Serendipity in the Garden.

They are one of my favourite Spring flowers, and one that often provide some of the best examples of 'serendipity in the garden.' I would like to think that I had a hand in the cute combination above - the fact that it looks like my Dodecatheon is sheltering itself from the sun by way of a large, green, living umbrella. The reality of the situation is that Dodecatheon is a notorious self seeder in the border that abuts my garage. I had planted three of these dainty pink 'shooting stars' at the opposite end of the border, in among some yellow Epimedium and 'Blue Panda' Corydalis - this was the combination I was looking forward to - so imagine my response when I spotted a stray clump, cavorting with my Astilboides tabularis. I wonder where he will pop up this coming Spring!

1 comment:

cheryl said...

Hi Barry, I don't believe I've seen this in such glory. The bloom is lovely and so vibrant! Just what we need in spring.
Don't you just love when plants wander. It made me wonder my sanity until one year I finally figured it out after reading about a particular plants wandering ways. "I know I planted it here but it's sprouting over there!"
The surprises of gardening :)