25 Jun 2015

The Spotted Turk and the Vixen [Mrs. Harvey]

I noticed her buds a couple of days ago, so made a point of checking tonight to see if she was had unfurled her gorgeous spotted Turk's cap like flowers, and indeed she has!

I am also anxiously awaiting my Deinanthe cerulean blooms. You can see in his swollen buds that he is once again going to live up to his name! It is one of my favourite woodland treasures!

I do not have the sun that is necessary for one to successfully cultivate Clematis, but that hasn't stopped me from growing C. 'Mrs. Harvey' with her sublime, two tone, flamenco dress inspired flowers.

While not nearly as vigorous as some of her cousins, her flowers are far and away my favourite of any and all! Much cooler weather seems to have moved in on the heels of cloudy, rain laden clouds.


Anonymous said...

It's always great to see what's happening in your gardens

Alain said...

I enjoyed having the opportunity to meet you at the nursery.That nursery is very neat and particularly well kept. You do a wonterful job.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sweetie ... gorgeous ! the plants I mean ! LOL
I swear I have Mrs.Harvey and yet ? .. I can not find her .. see her ... but I will know what she should look like from your wonderful photos, is there a scent to the flower as well ? I thought that was part of the description when I am sure I purchased her ... from ... some place ?
My brain is fried and I am losing my plants' where abouts !
Joy ;-)