20 Jun 2015

My Very Own Magicien!

Before you go saying that the genus is over-used, I beg that you allow me to introduce you to my resident 'Magicien!' Yes, it is a Deutzia after all, and if you're like a certain Canadian gardening doyenne, you've realized that indeed, this more than often over used, under appreciated genus contains a few delightful surprises!

A few of them can be downright epic in proportion, easily covering a space that is over 2m in height and close to that in spread, which in the case of my very own 'Magician,' is the perfect proportion to disguise a most ungainly, albeit unruly sized air conditioning unit at the side of my house.

'Magicien' came to my attention via my most trusted botanical enabler Larry Davidson of Lost Horizons who grows a magnificent specimen in his display garden. I had heard of a much smaller, white flowering species, 'Chardonnay Pearls,' but had not seen anything near as gorgeous as was his 'Magicien!' I knew I wanted one, but had no idea as to where to position it within my postage stamp sized property. And then summer came, and along with it a new air conditioning unit!

Exquisite, two toned pink flowers, each one outlined in white literally smother the somewhat lax branches during late June and throughout most of July! This year has truly seen the most staggering display to date. Hundreds of flowers, appearing in clusters have created a somewhat magical display!

For those who love the two toned flowers, but do not have the room for their very own 'Magicien,' there is a new, dwarf cultivar on the market this year known as 'Yuki Cherry Blossom,' but be forewarned, trying to locate it in hort commerce at the moment, might just require your very own magician! I stocked him earlier in the season, but sold out within a month, with nary a replacement supply to be found. He will of course be available next year for those with the patience to wait! In the meantime, ponder this most delightful dose of garden magic!

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