1 Jun 2015

Two. Four. Nine.

Two. Four. Nine.

Three numbers, each a date, birthdays in the month of June
that were once celebrated together,
but are now separated by time and memory.

Son. Father. Grandmother.

All of them born under the sign of Gemini, the mercurial Twins
blessed with the gift of conversation,
and a heated stubborn streak.

Barry. Douglas. Abby.

Individualistic through and through, but connected by blood
that coursed through our veins,
and remains present today.

Two. Four. Nine.

Tomorrow I will turn fifty, and will celebrate with family
and friends, but will find time to
retreat to my garden sanctuary
where I will commune and celebrate with them,
my Father and my Grandmother.


Anna said...

I hope that your half century has been marked with fun, flowers and friendship and wishing you all the best for the years to come!

Barry said...

Thank you so much Anna! I spent the morning in the garden spotted a pair of icy blue damsel flies so knew that my Dad and Gran were there with me! Hope the coming year is one that lets me satiate my love of plants and gardening! Looks like the weather is going to be agreeable from here on in!

cheryl said...

Sappy Birchtree to yew
Sappy Birchtree to yew
Sappy Birchtree dear Barrrrrryyyyy
A Sappy Birchtree to a yewwwwww

You do know that from now on when you celebrate your birthday the clock rolls back, as in next year you'll be 49, then 48, etc. I swear by it :)
All the best to you Barry, and may you celebrate many more in your magical garden.