7 Aug 2015

High Five!


It started off as a way of cleaning up a rather long, narrow, and somewhat shaded  area between two houses. Didn't really bother asking for permission.


By 2009 things were looking very lush and green, and I'd discovered that I had a thing for foliage plants, not to mention gardening in the shade!


I was also discovering what would be some of my favourite plants, thanks in large part to having discovered Lost Horizons!


And then there were the cases of serendipity.... when you plant two or three plants in close proximity to one another to somewhat staggering results. I had so many people asking about the variegated Persicaria, and even more wanting to know what the plant was that looked like shredded umbrellas!


By 2010, the garden had settled into itself - well those plants that had remained during the sleep, creep and leap mentality that most gardeners embrace.


Another of my favourite shots! As the garden grew, so did my desire to record it for posterity sake. I am still shocked with some of the stunning compositions that I have been able to capture by using the kneel, point and shoot technique. There have been no fancy lenses or lessons for me.



By 2011, I'd discovered that my garden was indeed my sanctuary. I'm not a people person. Introverted. Opinionated. Somewhat standoffish around strangers. In the garden it is me and what I have come to refer to as 'my children.' The remainder of photos are fro 2012. In the past three years little has changed overall. I thought in 2013 that I was going to have to remove all of the plants from in between the houses, as the neighbour sold theirs, but in the end the 'vegetation' [as the realtor so eloquently referred to my children as!!!] was seen as a bonus, as there is no access to their backyard on this, the left side of the property!

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Jane Hoehoegrow said...

So good to see the development of your garden ... and so pleased that your 'children' were not evicted and turned out onto the street!