21 May 2016

Pluto Sighting!!!!

I have always wanted to grow more Cypripedium, but after losing more than one of our native C.reginae, I was somewhat gun shy! And then I read about Frosch Cypripedium out of Germany, and decided that I would give it another go. I'm lucky enough to be close to Lost Horizons, the area's premiere woodland garden nursery, and knew that Larry stocked these hardier hybrid crosses. A trip last Fall netted me Cypripedium Phillip and Pluto.

I was so thrilled to see both had over wintered, and when each plant sent up between three and five eyes this Spring, I was elated! In the last three weeks, Pluto has continued to grow and swell with anticipation. When I arrived home from work tonight I noticed that one of his flowers was completely opened. The beauty of his sumptuous slipper brought me to my knees! I can hardly wait for the other two buds to open...... and then there is Phillip whose flower buds remain firmly enshrouded in his magnificent pleated foliage. The coming weeks are definitely going to be exciting around here!

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