9 May 2016

Spring Comes Out of Rehab!

Spring for most Ontario gardeners felt like a stint in rehab. I seriously think April was intoxicated for most of the month, and it is only now, the second week in May, that many of my treasured 'kids' have decided its worth doing more than giving me a quick peek before disappearing again!

Knitting took up most of the winter, and it continues to maintain a stranglehold on my free time, but having said such, work at the nursery has been stealthily intensifying, what with Mother's Day this past weekend, and the two four weekend just around the corner. I knew if I did not take the proper time to get out into the garden, it would be June and I would be kicking myself right royally!

I spent a rather exorbitant amount of money last Fall on the small memorial garden that resides beneath my Metasequoia 'Ogon.' I wanted more Meconopsis, and I had also fallen really hard for the genus Cypripedium. Anyone familiar with either or both will realize that if there are a pair of garden Divas lurking in the shade, these two would easily top the list. I went with 'Phillip' and 'Pluto' with the Cypripedium species, and I am thrilled to report that there will be at least five stems in each clump this year. I am so excited.  Forgive the nasty plastic garden fencing, but I do not want either of these pristine treasures to fall victim to a weed-whacker or lawn mower tire! Happened once before with the Meconopsis. Heartbreak!

Cypripedium 'Phillip'

 One of my favourite Asian Arisaema species is showing signs of having clumped substantially over the winter. I adore the deep purple near black spathe of A.thunbergii var. Urashima, which is also known as the 'Dominatrix' lily. Always a conversation piece in the border.

I adore Disporum, also known as 'fairy bells' and was stoked to see that my Disporum uniform [DHC970431] has tried its size over the relatively mild winter that we were graced with. I had transplanted some to the stock bed at the nursery and was worried that it would sulk, but instead it has given me enough to share with gardening friends! Yay~! And then there are my resident Epimedium. How does one not have a dozen of these delicate gems in their woodland gardens! Get with the picture people!

I literally had to do a double take when I noticed that my resident Cersis canadensis had flower buds this year! While I grow it more for the fantabulous heart shaped foliage, many folks love the pink flowers that can sometimes smother its branches...... as it is doing for me this year. Perhaps this is the sign I have been looking for that this will be a smashingly good year in the garden. Fingers crossed. We can hope!

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sweetie no wonder you are THRILLED ! .. I would be too with those treasures up and smiling at me like this ... that is wonderful and I am so happy for you!
I lost a colony of ostrich plume astilbe .. I have never had a loss of astilbe like that before and it of course was one of my favorites for mid summer.
My epimedium are up and smiling too ..you are right how can you not have these cuties!
At last we are having some rain .. we need loads of it here in Kingston.
I should have watered more but oops .. didn't happen.
But the good news is we are getting an irrigation system in .. makes what I have left to water so much easier .. phew !
Hope all is well with work at the nursery !
Take care sweetie !