6 Apr 2011

Dreaming of Jack [and Jill!]


We all need to daydream every now and again, and for me, I’m biding my time, patiently dreaming of the emergence of two of my guaranteed garden all-stars: a rather sinister ‘Jack,’ who also answers to the name of Arisaema urashima, and a ‘Jill’ who also answers to the name Arisaama candidissimum.

arisaema_candidissimum1 I have always been fascinated with this genus, dating back forty odd years ago, when, as an impressionable youngster, my Grandparents, on our weekly outing to the deciduous woods of Lambton County, pointed out the seemingly sinister spathe of our native ‘Jack, Arisaema triphyllum! My impressionable and overactive imagination soon leapt to the assumption that perhaps this [inside the spathe] is where Satan resided here on Earth. One might assume that it would frighten me away, but a near obsession remains. Our native Jack has welcomed a new addition on a near yearly basis, and this year seems to be right on par with an order having been placed for Arisaema kiushianum, yet another serpentine Asian cousin!

a.kiushianumIs there anyone else out there who is deathly afraid of snakes, but finds themselves obsessed over this sinister, serpentine genus, or is it yet another of my unavoidable idiosyncrasies?


Anonymous said...

It's one of your unavoidable idiosyncrasies. Just kidding, Barry. Actually that last photo kind of gives me the heebie-jeebies. I can understand your lifelong fascination. I keep asking myself why I keep buying more rose bushes when the thorns inevitably draw blood every time I touch the dang things. Sometimes common sense flies out the window when it comes to must-haves.

Ficurinia said...

I love these guys too. I added a few new ones this year and am curious to see how they work out.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Pats sweetie .. aren't you still in therapy for that satan/plant obsession ? Don't pay that therapist until you are completely satisfied !!
I love these plants but have yet to find one .. and actually buy it .. maybe I have a problem with them too sweetie ? osmosis from your fear ? .. "Jack-Fear" you could write a book about it all and I will be your PR to flog it ? hehe
Do you think Spring is here ? or is my imagination playing tricks on me yet again ? .. rain and warm temps to come so that has to do SOMETHING for us .. right sweetie?
Eddie ... wink wink