5 Apr 2011

Temptuous Vixens!


Leave it to PlantDelights to leave me gasping! Have you ever seen a more strikingly beautiful Uvularia!?! Uvularia perfoliata ‘Jingle Bells’ As per PD’s website, it was originally discovered in Granville County, North Carolina by gardener Marty Finkel! [A heartfelt thank you Marty!] With eight inch stalks that emerge in Spring, adorned with perfoliate  [ where the stem runs through the centre] green leaves, edged  with a gorgeous pristine white border. Delicate, white-yellow flowers dangle from the leaf axils. As with most Spring ephemerals, this charmer goes dormant by midsummer. Sheer delight! Hardiness Zone 4-8! Part to full shade.

Epimedium%20Pink%20Champagne2 Darrell Probst, renowned Epimedium breeder sends forth this divine selection for 2011! Epimedium ‘Pink Champagne’ with its long, tapered evergreen foliage that is heavily spotted with deep purple markings, is laden, in early April, with 30cm flower spikes of large white spurs attached to a delightful raspberry coloured cup! Sounds good enough to eat…… well, almost!

Polygonatum%20Heronswood And lastly, Polygonatum latifolium ‘Heronswood’ offers dramatic foliage that is reminiscent of eye glass lenses, unique and out of the ordinary when compared against others within the genus. Each 1’ stem, is clothed with this dramatic foliage, adorned with wonderful small white bells that hang beneath the foliage beginning in late April. It will spread to form a wonderful sized patch within in five years when happy. Part to full shade. Zone 5-9

… and there you have it, a plant fix for those of us in the great white north who once again, witnessed snowflakes dancing across our line of vision yet again!




Patty said...

That epimedium is stunning. Flowers and leaves. I will have to check out Plantdelights.

Katrin said...

You show really stunning plants! I've got the Epimedium already, but I've never seen this Uvularia before, it seems to be a eyecatcher.
Best wishes, Katrin

Rosemary said...

That Uvularia is gorgeous, and it's native here too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful plants. Will they be gracing your borders this spring? That is if you ever actually get spring. :)