3 Apr 2011

‘Golden Sunrise’

helleborus golden sunrise

Helleborus x hybridus [‘Winter Jewels Series’] ‘Golden Sunrise’ is yet another introduction from esteemed breeder Marietta O’Byrne of Oregon. Her entire ‘Winter Jewels’ series is guaranteed to make a helleborephile  of anyone who is lucky enough to offer these stunning beauties a home.

With a brilliant yellow gene pool, this beguiling beauty never seems to replicate itself completely, allowing for a wonderful spectrum of yellows in the Spring garden! The odd few appear as a solid yellow, but most exhibit red veining and or a desirable red picotee edging! Like many others within the genus, the flowers [ 2-4” across] are downward facing, but a pleasant surprise is that the reverse of many of the petals include a warm red veining! Since I’m currently hooked on this wonderful woodland, shaded garden necessity, you can expect to find ‘Golden Sunrise’ on the benches of LittleTree this Spring!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a real gem, Barry. It would definitely light up a shady corner. Can you see it paired with a variegated evergreen shrub?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Pats sweetie : )
I hope you check back on your comments because I wanted to say a BIG 'THANK YOU" for the ID on my mystery hellebore .. I was just so shocked to see the "freckles" .. I know I did NOT buy this one so either mislabled or what .. it arrived in my garden because it was meant to be ! LOL
Eddie ;-)