6 Aug 2011

Heads Up Kids, You’ve Got A Week with Dad!


Just in time for the first of what is potentially supposed to be a wet, rainy week, I’m embarking on my first week of vacation. Plans? I’ve confirmed trips to two garden nurseries, including the legendary Lost Horizons, where I hope to source out a few must have perennials that have been annoyingly eluding me this year! The other is a day trip with the boss, to one of the garden centre’s top suppliers in hopes of finding new and exciting plants to freshen things up as we head into August.

DSC_0634 I’ve been mulling with the idea of revamping the rare and unusual border – moving out some of the more, dare I say it, common plants, to make room for a few new rarities that I am eying from Fraser’s Thimble Farms in British Columbia later in the year, including two new Cypripediums and a rather astonishing Podophyllum! In the meantime I brought home another Thelypteris [Japanese beech Fern] and my third [yes!] Gentiana scabra ‘True Blue.’ I am days away from witnessing the two original plants in bloom, and from the looks of it, I shall not be disappointed – not in the least! True gentian blue, trumpet shaped flowers, close to 2 inches in length! Sweet Jesus! Sounds like the perfect way to spend a weeks vacation! Stay tuned for my gardening adventures with the kids!

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Grace said...

You'll probably need some serious room for a Podophyllum. Love those things! Do have a wonderful week. I hope you find more than a few new treasures. Remember if you run out of room, there's always containers!!! :)