7 Aug 2011

The Perfect Way to Start the Day~


If ever there was an example of being an over achiever in the garden, this divine pair of blooms on Kirengeshoma koreana would win hands down. I spent close to ten minutes with this charmer alone!

DSC_0649 There is everything to love about this plant! It emerges with a fabulously shimmering silver overlay to its stunning palmate foliage. As the plant matures, the stems take on an almost ebony coloration which, combined with the silvery foliage and the delightful waxy whipped buttery yellow shuttlecock shape of the flowers, resulting in what this gardener considers a MUST HAVE when it comes to creating a shaded woodland garden! Interestingly, its cousin K. palmata is showing no signs of wanting to flower. Its flowers tend to hang down moreso than this one as well!

DSC_0626  I mentioned in an earlier post that I’d added not one but three new Gentiana scabra ‘True Blue’ to the rare and unusual border. I am but days away from being rewarded with what appears to be a strong flower performance. After my beloved Cory, Gentiana wins my heart hands down!

DSC_0632 My wonderful ‘Carnival’ continues to shine! I am going to have to see about dividing a rather large clump of Lamium orvala that is crowding him out!

DSC_0646 DSC_0637 DSC_0652 I must remember to look at this photo when the water bill comes in later this year! I simply could not allow for my kids to suffer on account of Mother Nature’s less than humorous recent dry spell!

DSC_0655 I awoke to the sound of water splashing into my new bowl. It was finally raining! It was a wonderful way to spend the morning…. even after the phone call telling me that I was actually supposed to work! Talk about being overly eager to start one’s vacation!


DSC_0664 Even I have to admit that the newly installed Thelypteris decursiva pinnata [Japanese Beech Fern] is the perfect finishing touch to the recently introduced mirror! I can see you, can you see me?

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Grace said...

Beautiful photographs, Barry. I'm glad you got some much-needed rain. Your borders are looking wonderful despite the dry spell. Exquisite Kirengeshoma blossoms.