16 Aug 2011

Into the Distant Light


I envision her just beyond my grasp, a million brightly shining particles that make up her familiar, surrounded by the sound of an orchestra of birdsong. This is my greatest wish.

I feel her presence every time I enter the gardens: in the drop of early morning dew, in the shy petals of a partially opened Gentiana, her eyes the same summer blue that invokes the sky descending to kiss the garden.

I hear her voice, its contagious excitement whenever I find yet another special Arisaema to add to the ever growing collection – this was after all the very first genera to hold me spellbound in it’s thrall!

I experience the pain of separation most during the ‘gloaming’ hour of the day, when the sun casts its magical glowing rays across the multitude of foliage that is Teza’s Garden.

And yet, it is in the garden where she visits me most.

In loving memory of a wonderful Grandmother, mentor and friend who slipped softly into the distant light seven years ago today. I shall set aside precious time to visit with her in the gardens.

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