14 Aug 2011

A Sense of Satisfaction!

DSC_0638 The weeks vacation is coming to a close. Seems like only yesterday M was calling to see where I was – seems I was pushing the whole ‘on vacation mentality’ just a wee too much!

DSC_0624 I made a return engagement to Lost Horizons with gardening friends D, J and K this past Wednesday and returned home, wallet lighter and plant budget blown to hell, but with a wonderful selection of new rare and unusual acquisitions to help return the R&U border back to its glory. On Thursday A [my boss at LittleTree] and I ventured off to Connon, one of our suppliers with an empty cargo trailer and pick up truck! Egads people, what were we thinking? It was time to freshen up the benches in time for the late summer gardening season which is upon us! Lots of delightful new additions found their way home with us: Diervilla ‘Cool Splash’, Origanum ‘Bristol Cross’, Thalictrum ‘Splendide’, three or four new Echinacea cultivars, and of course, another tray of Gentiana ‘True Blue’ with a delightful upright almost shrubby habit! It was interesting to note the surprising variations in growth habit when comparing two different suppliers. Not sure which I preferred, so I ended up with a couple from both! One can never have too many Gentiana in the garden!

DSC_0644  A day at D’s allowed for me to stay atop her garden maintenance, which, as the season wanes, is slowing itself to a more relaxed pace. The tour and a few garden parties behind us, its time to focus on the ominous task of dividing and conquering that comes with a garden’s maturation.

DSC_0638 I had promised the ‘kids’ that I would spend time with them every day whilst I was off, and true to my word I would be out puttering amongst them first thing every morning. Even in the rain I was weeding and contemplating the R&U border’s next progression. Overall I am rather pleased with the results. I am anxious to see what next year will bring. I am still of a mind that I need to remove the narrow strip of grass between the garden edge and the sidewalk.

DSC_0657 Oh, and I’ve been getting my feet wet on a new Facebook group entitled ‘PlantPorn.’ A staggeringly brilliant group of gardeners who all share a similar wicked sense of humour! The group is by invitation only so let me know if you’d like to experience it! It can be intensely addictive as you can attest to if you’ve noticed the recent posts on my Facebook page!

All in all a rather delightful and immensely self satisfying [wait a minute, that doesn’t sound right now does it?] week. Anxious to get back into the swing of things and start foisting the newest arrivals off to my loyal clientele!


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