30 Aug 2011

Remembering Cat

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It was her smile, high voltage and genuine, one that would light up a room, that I will remember most. Perhaps fitting then, that it will now assist the stars in lighting up the night skies, chasing away the darkness from our lives.

She offered her friendship so many years ago, and asked for so little in return. Ours was a friendship based around a close knit group of friends, seemingly inseparable, where there was one, you would likely find us all. We laughed together and cried together – shared each other’s successes and were there to offer our support when darkening clouds threatened our happiness.

I will forever remember her high school Prom, the matching highlights that adorned our hair, and the ruffled aquamarine dress that perfectly complimented the colour of her eyes. She accepted me for who I was, and we were often spotted regaling one another with ‘boy problems,’ usually on the concrete boat in Centennial Park. The hopes and joys, secrets and frustrations that concrete structure was privy to!   ….and then real life happened!

I remember when she got married, and the dazzling smile of recognition when she spotted me as she walked the aisle on the arm of her Father. And then came the birth of her Son. We were close geographically, but new responsibilities seemed to take a precedence in our lives. Ours was a friendship that weathered the waves of time: It was as though we could simply turn back a page and pick up from where we left off. Today I wish I could turn back a page.

My heart goes out to her husband, Son and family. The world has truly lost someone very special. I take comfort in knowing that her ‘bright light’ will help to guide those who mourn her loss away from grief’s darkness. I have my own special memories of Cat, and I will hold them close in the coming days, months and years. In journeying to the stars, she has shed her cloak of pain. A glance into the nighttime sky will be the solace and reassurance to those she leaves behind that she will always be close by. Rest in gentle peace my dearheart!


catharine Howard said...

Poignant and brave - death is not an easy topic and you have written a very moving tribute. Thoughts compassionate to all who knew Cat.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Barry .. I am so sorry for your loss and for her family and her other friends like you, who will keep her tucked away in a piece of your and their hearts. She sounds like a wonderful friend. You were fortunate indeed : )

Rosemary said...

I am so sorry for your loss.

Aerie-el said...

So eloquent a tribute; you move me to tears. I mourn with you, the loss of Cat and all those who have left this earth, but will never leave our hearts.