2 Sep 2011

Garden of Solace and Tranquility


It has been a bittersweet week, and more than ever, I find myself turning to the garden for solace. How magically it is able to soothe frazzled nerves, act as a balm against the abrasive sting of grief, and to remind me that the greatest beauty in the world belongs to Nature itself.

DSC_0656 A delicate and beautiful reminder that life indeed is fragile and should never be taken for granted. Let the important people in your life know how much they are loved.


DSC_0661 I was thrilled to discover that the blooms of a recently acquired Corydalis ‘Wildside Blue’ are indeed that same electric icy blue that first enamored me to this plant four years ago.

DSC_0646 Tricyrtis ‘Taipei Silk’ is a personal favourite, and when examined this closely, one cannot help but revel in its mesmerizing beauty.

DSC_0629 When I created Teza’s Garden, it was as a place to house an inventory of rare and unusual perennials, but in the past week I realize that I was remiss – in fact it was more about creating a personal sanctuary of beauty and tranquility, allowing myself a space where I could step into the cooling shade of foliage and leave the outside world behind, if only for a fleeting moment. I fall on my knees in gratefulness!

DSC_0676  DSC_0628 Here is where I shall come to reminisce, to transform grief into celebration, and to give thanks for the beauty and friendship that touched my life, and most importantly, for the beauty that continues to do so on a daily basis. Many thanks to those who offered kind words of support.



Barbarapc said...

Oh Barry, I'm so sorry for your loss of your dear friend Cat. Be kind to yourself in the days ahead.

Nat said...

A thoughtful piece of writing. Gardens are a good place to turn down the volume and get a moment of peace. Tomorrow is another day, people live on in our hearts and minds. Take some time to reflect in the lush greenness.