13 Jan 2012

Reading with Teza: The Genus Cypripedium

cypripedium book

A recent inquiry into the availability of a book on the genus that seems to preoccupy more and more of my waking and breathing time, has netted me the newest addition to my gardening library. I have fallen victim to the hypnotic swoon of the genus Cypripedium, and no thanks to the latest catalogue from my mail-order nursery of choice, Fraser’s Thimble Farms, I find myself pondering the very strong likelihood [ I was going to use the term ‘possibility’ – but seriously, who are we kidding here?!?] of future purchases of these most beguiling of terrestrial orchids.

Dr. Phillip Cribb joined the staff of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in 1974 and served as Deputy Keeper of the Herbarium and Curator of the Orchid Herbarium until his retirement in 2006. His current research is concentrated on a new classification and evolution of the family Orchidaceae, and on the taxonomy and conservation of orchids.

I am most excited to be able to examine this fine monograph which includes the history. biology, conservation, cultivation and classification of the temperate slipper orchids. Hopefully I will develop an educated understanding of what has easily become my latest addiction! A full review will be forthcoming! Special thanks to the dedicated staff of my local bookseller – Roxanne’s Reflections Books and Cards – for their capability in performing magic tricks – the ability to locate rare and hard to find books in the blink of an eye!


Jodi DeLong said...

Ooooh. You know, I think I'll disconnect the satellite, or put the television in my husband's office, and just spend my days and nights reading. Nothing else. Just read, (okay, write, gotta pay the bills), learn more and more and more...so much to read...so little time. Goodbye to housework...Thanks for sharing this book, Barry. (and yes, definitely you need more Cypripediums. Aren't I helpful?)

Barry said...

Thanks for visiting Jodi. I have to save up all summer, and then come December I have a stack of books to rival the leaning tower of Pisa! Thanks for the vote for more Cyp's as well.... I can say it was peer pressure! LOL!