12 Jan 2012

A Tidy Workspace is the Sign of a Sane Mind!





I decided to take a day off from plant posts. I considered posting about my recent foray into the world of knitting, but didn’t really think that would be too interesting. That’s the problem with this time of year. January, for me at least, is a time to review the past year, [mainly from a gardener’s perspective] to organize and tidy my photo files [Sweet Jesus, what do you mean I need more RAM? What the hell is RAM?] and to de-clutter the workspace.

I live with my sister and her family. I’m the oldest, and am therefore given a wide berth when it comes to some of my more idiosyncratic behaviors – talking to plants; forgetting a birthday but remembering a botanical Latin name; suggesting that they draw a beloved Cypripedium for their upcoming Art assignment – fellow gardeners will understand perfectly!

I spent the better part of yesterday condensing and organizing most of my photos from the past year, which in turn led me to update my Facebook page, Teza’s Garden, with a few new albums of photographs. Many thanks to those who have ‘liked’ the page. Next came the ever increasing collection of Gardens Illustrated magazines. I remember gasping with delight to see that a fellow subscriber [and the person responsible for my subscribing! Another debt Larry!] had taken his old issues and used them as the base for a table in his living room! I too am a hoarder when it comes to magazines. I think it started back in my Chapters days, as magazine lead. A pretty cover [gorgeous flower, handsome model] would guarantee a sale. Months later it would still be amongst the growing pile at the end of the bed! I vividly remember the last time I moved, vowing that I would discontinue this habit of hoarding them! Fortunately, with Gardens Illustrated,  I have found a magazine that I read cover to cover, and as a result I find myself filing them away for future use. I month without GI is like a month of banishment from the garden!

This morning dawned, well, it dawned wet and dreary. I knew, going to bed last night, that we were in for a mixed bag of weather. It rained here for the most part, briefly turning to snow for a bit this morning. Instead of my usual walk down town, I decided to attack my work space. A minor flood last Fall [the blessed hose on the washing machine decided to let go in the middle of the night] relegated everyone to the main living level of the house. Five people clamoring for computer space…… it truly was a sight to behold. Finally, after choosing new carpet and repainting [due to drywalling that was part of the repairs] ‘computer central’ has moved back downstairs! I am bookended between my nephews, but have discovered that I now have more room than before! A few strategically placed photographs, my GI collection, my most frequently referred to resource books….. its all looking very tidy and organized is it not?


Denise said...

So weird that this urge to purge comes after the holidays -- purge clutter, that is. Like you, I've saved all Gardens Illus. mags, but recycled a small truckload of New Yorkers, which I can get online anyway. And my office is nearly as tidy as yours now. Winter turns out to be a useful season after all. Tagging and organizing photos is next...

Andrea said...

Happy 2012! You reminded me of my most unwanted predisposition, hording old things, and removing clutter is not one thing i love to do, both in the office and at home. Maybe that means i don't have a very 'sane mind'. I hope it will pressure me to clean at least my office desktop.