9 Apr 2012

And kiushianum makes three!


Perhaps the most comical of all within a genus totaling more than 150 species, is the adorable Arisaema kiushianum, a delightfully stunning species endemic to Japan! It’s short, richly toned spathe of purple with white and green striping are produced at or near to ground level in early summer! I find it to be a most comical oddity when compared against some of the more sinister, serpent like members of the genus!

DSC_0001 It bears wonderful pedate foliage on petioles to 0.3m, giving it a tropical appearance! Hardiness on this charmer is somewhat more tender than the other species I have posted about – siting is important as most do not recommend growing this one in anything less than Zone 6b. I will try and over winter this one to see if I can work some of my zonal denial magic yet again!

DSC_0010I am thrilled to say that all three have been my first success with cultivating some of my favourite rare and unusual genera to sell at the garden centre! Like ‘sikokianum’ and ‘urashima’ this one is available in a very limited supply! And to close, here’s the ubiquitous family portrait!

DSC_0014 … and that reminds me! Remember how I mentioned that where the foliage of A.sikokianum is concerned, some of the leaflets are streaked with a silvery-pewter overlay? Well it just so happens that out of the ten plants I grew, so far two have exhibited this rare variegation. You can see it on the foliage in the bottom left of the above photo, or here, below in much more detail!


Copy (2) of DSC_0217[Arisaema ciliatum]


[Arisaema candidissimum]

The addition of these three rare and unusual specimens to my existing inventory brings the number of species to six, which to me is the perfect number for a species that rates closest to my heart of hearts. What genus comes next? Stay tuned!

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