31 May 2012

Cooler Temperatures, Deer Poop And A Chance of Rain?


They [our weather persons] are forecasting between 20-30mm of rain between now and tomorrow evening with temperatures remaining decidedly cooler [in the 15 C range] for the next couple of days….. music to this gardener’s ears! I need not pontificate further on the drastic need for rain – a year ago local farmers needed a pontoon boat to get onto their fields, whereas this year the dust clouds are literally swallowing them and their machinery! For me personally, watering started much earlier than usual and continues twice if not three times a week!

DSC_0022 Allium christophii and Nectaroscordum siculum var. ‘Bulgaricum’ make interesting bed mates don’t you think? I adore both, and am pleased to see that the addition of more of both last Fall has resulted in a more pronounced presentation in the semi shaded areas of the garden.

I mentioned deer poop in the title of this post. While visiting wonderful gardening friends, Pat and Peter, I was informed that they utilize deer manure from their herd as compost for their gardens. From the look of the lush and healthy plants, including that oh so elusive Meconopsis grandis, it would appear that they have struck what they refer to as ‘green gold’. They graciously afforded me enough to completely cover not only the Rare and Unusual border, but the Shaded Walk as well, the two key areas of the gardens that house my ever burgeoning collection of rarities and other botanical pleasures! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, from myself and the ‘kids’ who I am sure will benefit most advantageously as a result!

DSC_0068Polygonatum odoratum ‘Fireworks’ sure stands out does he not? The collection of this wonderful genus continues to grow with Polygonatum inflatum ‘Chinbu’ being the latest on the radar! Sheesh, it means another visit to you-know-where!

DSC_0089 Here’s hoping that the forecast remains true and that we get the rain we need and that temps remain on the cooler side.

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Patty said...

I think the rain gods saw you dancing. I am out in Burlington where it is now nice and wet and my trees and plants are very happy.