2 Jun 2012

Early Birthday Spoils: What This Man Wants! [He Usually Gets!]

As the title of this post suggests, little is able to stand in the way of an obsessed plantaholic when he finds something that he wants! How utterly convenient then, to legitimize yet another purchase [we’re headed for a record year I’m afraid at this pace!] by being able to ‘gift’ myself for an upcoming birthday in June. I have been wanting one for a very, very long time! I came close to getting it when I attended the ORG&HPS Plant Sale but ended up coming home with ‘Mikawa’ instead! [Not that I would ever complain!]


Those who know me can relate to my obsessions: the true colour blue in flowers and a penchant for what has become a signature phrase for me: ‘Fabulously chartreuse!’ One look at this stunner and you can see where I can hardly be blamed for tossing the proverbial plant budget out with the tepid bathwater yet again!


Acer shirasawanum ‘Aureum’ also known as the ‘Full Moon Autumn Maple,’ is often misidentified as a cultivar of the species A. japonicum, but is in fact a species unto itself, named after Japanese dendrologist Miho Shirasawa

Acer shirasawanum ‘Aureum’ is in fact a slow growing Maple that reaches a mature height of approximately 10m – a journey that is often very lengthy as it is one of the slowest within the genus! I am always taken aback at its lack of prominence and exposure, often eclipsed by the aforementioned Acer palmatums and japonicums.

 Its fabulously chartreuse foliage is best appreciated in a dappled shade location where it shimmers with a near electrical energy. Too much bright afternoon sun will scorch its somewhat delicate foliage, whereas too much shade will turn the leaves green! Prominent red flowers and seeds only add to its hypnotic allure!


In ten years it might eclipse the 2m mark, and as it does so, it takes on a most memorable character of its own! Leaves are suboricular, eleven to thirteen lobed, pale yellow [fabulously chartreuse!] in Spring, darkening to yellow green as the Summer progresses.] In Autumn they turn gold on their surface with spectacular red/wine infused margins! Pure heaven! Hardy within USDA Zones 5-7

A side dressing of compost, placement away from damaging, scorching winds, and deep watering during drought will ensure that you ‘moon’ over this beauty for years to come! Is it wrong to spoil oneself as such? Methinks this is a likely example of a rhetorical question!

DSC_0029 DSC_0027

Its been a challenging year for me thus far! I like to think I have an aesthete’s eye for beauty, but am finding that in many cases it comes as a heavy burden to the pocketbook!

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