17 May 2012

Ringwald You Ain’t But You’re Still Pretty in Pink!

DSC_0018  Podophyllum hexandrum is a delightful native endemic to Asia Minor through the Himalaya, into Central China, and offers wonderful ornamental impact, more so according to plantsman Daniel Hinkley. Though its foliage is not near so bold as our native Podophyllum peltatum, its deeply glossed and patterned foliage emerge in Spring with variable amounts of black-purple mottling. Flowers vary from pristine white to deep rose are produced at the same time as the foliage, allowing for one to fully appreciate its floral beauty. My specimen seemingly appears overnight, its tall stems being cloaked by the vigorous foliage of Epimedium penatum ‘Colchicum.’ This is the scene that greeted me this morning!  DSC_0025 It is its vibrant scarlet red, egg shaped fruit that appear in late summer, hanging on short peduncles from the axils of the leaf petiole which allow for a second season of ornamentation to the woodland garden.



Dodecatheon I am certain, but I cannot be specific with the species. A taller, more robust selection, mine has enjoyed traversing the length of the Rare and Unusual border for the past seven or so years [It was one of the original perennials, part of an introductory sample pack purchased from Richlyn Nurseries, now LittleTree Garden Market, the place of my employ!

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