15 May 2012

You May Have Been Pretty In Pink!…..


You know you’re tired when you concoct a garden showdown between your two favourite Arisaema species! I am so enamored of both Arisaema thunbergii var. urashima and the beguiling pink beauty that is Arisaema candidissimum, [the shriveled pink handkerchief in the lower right corner of this photo!] and couldn’t help adding the tongue in cheek comment as the header of this post. I am amazed at the size of ‘Urashima’ – an introduction to the garden via my enablers at Fraser’s Thimble Farms last spring. I can hardly wait for it to spread its serpentine beauty throughout the Rare and Unusual border. As for ‘Candidissimum’ – deep down she knows she reigns supreme in my heart of hearts!

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Oh yes, it's Arisaema time at Teza's garden, isn't it? I'm so sorry I've been away, Barry. Please forgive me. I've got a few minute so I'm going to go back and read some of your posts I've missed. Bad me. Love your banner photo, by the way!