2 Jun 2012

A Near Perfect Day!


To ask for a better day would be like asking if Monsieur Grandis could possibly be a wee bit bluer! While none of us relish the thought of getting older, I’ve come to look at birthdays as another year for me to find yet another rare and spectacular addition for the garden’s repertoire. 2012 has been a stellar year thus far, leading me to ponder how I will possibly eclipse it in the coming 365 days, but I am sure I will find something that, while it will never quite measure up to having this startling piece of blue heaven in the garden, will definitely stoke the fires of the proverbial horticultural conquest!

DSC_0075While most June children would ask for sunny skies and warm weather, I am more content with cooler temps, overcast skies, and even a light, persistent drizzle. I swear my Mother should have named me Heathcliff! The garden is slowly coming into itself after a roller coaster Spring, and yesterday’s torrential downpour has everything looking lush and green once again.

DSC_0072My co-workers surprised me with not one, but two delicious desserts: a mouth watering banana cream pie, complete with drizzled chocolate in the crust, as well as tasty cupcakes with cream cheese icing. Just thinking about them and I stare at the treadmill like a long lost lover! What to hell, you only live once! My partner in crime, confidante and friend extraordinaire has ensured that my ‘hobby’ knitting does not fade into the green foliage by gifting me with assorted needles [including circular ones!?!] and lovely skeins of wool to get me started on two new projects. A giftcard from my favourite booksellers from my sister and family will ensure my gardening library continues to grow – and speaking of growing….. I could hardly turn down another exciting Roscoea for the ever growing collection – this one is ‘Cinnamon Stick’, as well as a hardy Cyclamen ‘Something Magic’ and two of my signature plants, Corydalis flexuosa ‘Blue Panda’.

DSC_0037 The only blemish on the day is that it signals a week that once contained not only mine, but my Father’s [June 4th] and Grandmother’s [June 9th] birthdays. It was always a week of celebration in our house. I find solace and remembrance when I am in the garden, so I shall set special time aside this coming week to locate their spirits in the garden. I am truly blessed with wonderful family, friends, and ‘kids’ that fill my days with joy!

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dear Barry !
I am so sorry I missed the actual day for your birthday but I will say Many HAPPY birthdays and treasures to come!
It sounds like you have had wonderful gifts and yummy ones at that and how true is it ? we only live in a blink of an eye so enjoy that blink while you can !
Happy Happy Birthday !!
Joy : )