23 Aug 2012

Redbud of My Heart!


I have my friend Shawn to thank for not only one, but two Cercis canadensis that I now grow on my property! One [which is sadly languishing more than the other!] is actually a tree form – two inch caliper and pruned by Shawn himself into a lovely canopy. It must me 2m in height. The other is more of a whip – close to 2m as well, but more a single stem with a few branches that will one day create a canopy! This photo is of its magnificent heart shaped foliage. It grows at the end of the Walk of Hidden Treasures, in dappled shade, protected from any buffeting winds that would tear its delicate foliage to shreds! I am so thrilled! I am still looking for a small [3G or less] Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’ – its seductive cousin of the purple bruised foliage, and much more ‘tender hearted’ disposition. I have seen large specimens but would like a smaller one, one that I can prune and train so that it is wider than it is tall! Dan Pearson had a wonderful specimen growing in a pot at his property in England, and this is where the idea and inspiration took root! Fingers crossed, as it would be the piece de resistance of the new memorial garden that is slowly taking shape!



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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Oh My Goodness sweetie !
That is simply gorgeous .. I have been absent from my own garden far too long .. I have to get serious soon !
Beautiful garden coming together : )