25 Aug 2012

Trespassing Closer to Home: A Return to My Garden!


Its become a trend of late, and for me especially so, to visit other people’s gardens! The ‘Botanical Trespassing’ segment of ‘Through the Garden Gate’ has actually superseded the others segments to become the most popular. Methinks its time to seek out beauty and all of its surprises closer to home. Time to return to our own gardens! For some of us, we’ve never really left, where for others, its the time of year when a return is filled with pleasant surprises! Roscoea purpurescens ‘Spice Island,’ especially at times like this, reminds me of panting tongues, seductively calling out to anyone willing to listen: ‘I am the seductive star of the moment in the garden, there’s no point ignoring me, resistance is futile!’ Gets me every time!

DSC_0021I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Tricyrtis. At one time they were everywhere in my borders – and not necessarily of my volition! I’m not one for spots! ‘Togen’ is the only one I grow now.  No. That’s not true. I also have ‘Lightning Strike.’ Just two.

DSC_0035It does have the shape of a snake’s head, and the browning piece at its base, does look like a curling tongue. Apropos that it is the seed head of Arisaema ciliatum var. lubiaense. I am most excited to see if I will be able to collect seed once it has completely dried. Must keep a close eye over the coming weeks!

DSC_0040   The recent [but don’t get me wrong, we need MORE!] rain has helped to keep most of the kids looking green and perky! Kirengeshoma koreana continues to bloom, whereas its cousin, K.palmata is still tight balls with a wedge of whipped buttery yellow showing at the tip!

DSC_0044Plants for me act as reminders of the wonderful gardening friends I have met over the years. This delightful Cassia marilandica was a gift from Nina and John of WildThings Plant Farm in nearby Minto. They were redesigning one of their display borders and I commented on the fabulous foliage that reminded me of Lespediza on steroids. Turns out its a native to the province, usually found near the edge of swampy land. This year the flower spikes have been stupendous! Open, they resemble exotic black and yellow spiders!

DSC_0019Larix and Metasequoia – my favourite in tree and shrubs at the moment. This delightful grafted Larix kaempferi ‘Nana’ with its blue green foliage is a favourite. It was a Thanksgiving find a year ago from Ayr Country Gardens. It resides at the base of Metasequoia glyptostroboides ‘Matthaei Broom’ – the second find from said delightful nursery.

DSC_0075  ‘Matthaei’ suffered from being frosted early on this year! Remember when it got really, really warm, in March? And then we had killer frosts? Well, it did a job on my boy for sure! I thought it was lack of water, but my water bill states otherwise! Fingers crossed for next year! Below is the latest within the genus to join the family: M.g ‘Goldrush.’

DSC_0042 DSC_0033 How comforting it is to realize that beauty never resides far from home! It is right there, waiting!


College Gardener said...

Drool... Such fantastic plants! I love Roscoeas but for some reason they never do well for me, usually giving up after a year or two. I will have to give that Cassia a try, though. Someone on my street had it in their front yard until last year and it was magnificent, and then suddenly they ripped it out and replaced it with a supremely boring assortment of run-of-the mill groundcovers.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Sweetie : )
My K. Palmata has a gazillion tight little flower babies ready to open their eyes soon I hope .. I have more than the usual amount and I am guessing because it was watered more often this year because of my desperation.
Did you hear a scream yesterday by any chance ? while stopped down doing a bit of pruning whilst the hose was watering another section .. Mr. Chips our resident chipmunk did a mad dash (from where the water was hitting) almost over my hand in his get away mode .. I thought I was going to have a heart attack .. the boys almost spit their drinks out laughing .. what is a gardener to do with god awful and SWEET JESUS!!! surprises like that I ask you !!!
Joy ;-)
Beautiful pictures by the way !