30 Aug 2012

…and the Bride wore white!


The groom and his men were the first to arrive! Such a handsome group they make!

DSC_0045 The soloist came next. Her dress  matched the aria she was scheduled to perform!

DSC_0012 The Mother of the Bride caused a stir in her two tone ensemble. One must be careful not to overshadow the Bride on such occasions! [Isn’t that right Pippa?]

DSC_0043 The Bridesmaids were all aflutter when they arrived! Gorgeous silken sheaths of a demure blush pink, with a provocative slit just to ‘there!’


The flowergirl, a wee sprite of a thing was all giggles upon arrival, flitting in and out of focus as she waited for the ring bearer…… wherever could that rapscallion be?

morinaAnd they say that the prospective Mothers, of both Bride and Groom don’t talk to one another about their apparel for the big day! Looks to me like the Mother of the Groom shopped at the same store as the Mother of the Bride! Perhaps they went together?

DSC_0644Wherever have you been Cory? asked the flowergirl! I was beginning to get……. my, but you have the bluest eyes of any boy I know! Now quick, we need to get in line!’ The ring bearer, oblivious to the charming wiles of his new friend only had eyes for one other!

Copy (2) of DSC_0142[1] Sweet Jesus! If this is what the Maid of Honor is wearing, what must the Bride have chosen! The striking choice of colours, the rich velvety faintest blush of pink playing so well against her Spring green complexion!

DSC_0062 DSC_0058Radiant! From every possible angle! And did you notice that this precise saturation of the colour white [or not colour] gives off a magical bluish purple tint at the tips of her veil and skirting? One could not help but notice the delightful fragrance that encircled the Bride as she floated up the aisle to meet her Blue Prince!

DSC_0057 Such joyous frivolity for a garden setting! Were you privy to any such occasions this year?


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Gorgeous pictures are a VERY fun "read" sweetie ! .. not all of these are just recent pictures right ? Some from the Spring ? .. I am in lust over that shot of the ... oh crap I forgot the name of the plant .. this happens way too often .. the very dainty, delicate flower you have me hooked on .. BIG sigh !

CanadianGardenJoy said...

I just remembered ... epimedium ... sweet jeasus I am losing what is left of my mind ?

outlawgardener said...

What a lovely event! My plants seem to lack the high moral standards that yours have (agaves and cacti will poke ANYTHING) and are therefore just shacking up. No such elegant events here.

Reed Pugh said...

The Maid of Honor looks to be pregnant!

Barry said...

A pregnant Maid of Honor..... who would have thought! Brilliant comment though, not to mention the poking Agaves in your garden OG!