5 Sep 2012

Early September Walkabout

DSC_0023A day of rain gave the kids something to stand up and sing about! I’ve only two Gentiana scabra ‘True Blue’ that want to stand tall this year…. the rest seem happier to flop about on the ground like drunken sailors….. gorgeous drunken sailors mind you! And the flaming beauty in the background – Euphorbia ‘Blackbird’ has easily become my new favourite – yes, even moreso than its flashier cousin ‘Ascot Rainbow!’

DSC_0025  I’ve decided that this is the year that the wild Vitis that currently grows against the side of the garage needs to go! It has been there for fifteen years, and with each successive garden season, it looks rattier and holier than the previous! I was thinking of Hydrangea anomala sub. petiolaris, but realize that it can take a few years to establish itself. I was also considering Wisteria sinensis ‘Blue Moon’ but worry that I would have to construct a strong support for risk of having it tear the garage from the house in future years! I would love the mauve-blue drooping racemes of flowers, and ‘Blue Moon’ does bloom in its second year!

DSC_0030 Actaea matsumurae ‘White Pearl’ is looking more like A.simplex ‘Pink Spike’ but I am certain it is in fact the former. Love, love, love the bottlebrush flowers and that intoxicating fragrance that accompanies them. A tad concerned that they are following the ‘three week early’ trend, but I am not complaining!

DSC_0032 Polygonatum odoratum ‘Variegatum’ is the perfect companion for Acer campestre ‘Carnival’ – you would almost think I’d planned this. Not so!

DSC_0033 DSC_0034 And the careful placement of Thalictrum delavayi ‘Splendide’ almost directly across from ‘Carnival’ – in the hopes that ‘Splendide’s’ delicate pink flowers might compliment any late season new growth on ‘Carnival’ – now that was planned!

DSC_0044Cyclamen hederifolium Sweetheart Splash was one of the under-planting selections in the recently installed memorial garden. I love the hardy members of this genus, and this one has heavily marbled foliage with a delightful pewter finish! Sublime. Just like my recently departed friend Cathy!

DSC_0849 Not a good year for my Tricyrtis! ‘Togen’ whilst it is blooming, is but a fraction of its previous self. Of course me snapping off a stem that was covered in bud was no help, but I think I am finally tiring of them. Time for something rare, new and exciting in the Spring! Something tells me it’s likely to be another alluring Asian Epimedium or Polygonatum!

DSC_0649 What a difference a year makes! Granted, whilst the Aralia cordata ‘Sun King’ has trebled its size this year [thanks in large part to the full watering can of water that it gets every week!] my beloved Corydalis ‘Wildside Blue’ seems to have decided to pack it in early – or at least until the temperatures cool. I have fingers crossed for a late season finale from this beguiling beauty!



Marie said...

Wondering where your 'blacbirds' will hibernate this winter. I have a personal interest in your response. ;)

A good year for Actea here!

I'll be meeting others here on Friday: http://www.plantsale.ca/101/plantsale/index.htm

Barbarapc said...

Barry, it's all looking so perfect and sweet. Would you try Schizophragma hydrangeoides - nice bluish leaves and blooms faster than the climbing hydrangea. See that the RBG is having fall sale. Have you ever been?
My vacation away was great, but the garden looks like a tip - will put in a few reality photos in the next few days to show just how rough things have been - geesh.

Muse-ings said...

I just picked myself off the floor --- say you're getting tired of Tricyrtis! ‘Togen’??? ... my favourite and it's outdoing itself in my garden this year!

Re Schizophragma hydrangeoides - I've had one for two seasons now and it's about 2ft long! Perhaps it'll 'jump' in year three?

Missed your radio show tonight and cant find it on your TTGG posts. Help!

Keep up the amazing work, Barry!