12 Oct 2012

Tripping Over Thanksgiving: Part Two

DSC_0083Parliament Hill at long last. Thought maybe I’d see Justin but no such luck! A lot of scaffolding on some of the buildings as the restoration continues. Phenomenal architecture!

DSC_0089DSC_0093DSC_0094Rather imposing entrance don’t you think?  

DSC_0097  DSC_0098One of my favourite statues of the day. Sadly, many of them had gulls perched atop the head, not to mention the presence of avian defecation!

DSC_0105The library at the rear of the main Parliament building was my favourite of all. If I recollect correctly, it was thanks to a concrete or steel door adjoining it to the main Parliament that saved it from an historic fire.

DSC_0103   This photo shows the actual scale of the building. The door seems dwarfed by the turrets and balustrades.

DSC_0104DSC_0107DSC_0106 A wee bit of background detailing the fire and the bell that fell from the clock tower.

DSC_0110DSC_0117 DSC_0118M  participating in the Suffragette movement. The comment did surface as to whether the statues were life sized or not!

DSC_0116A stunning bronze statue of HM Queen Elizabeth has courted recent controversy to the fact that she is not positioned side saddle atop the horse. An accomplished equestrian as she is, one wonders why it should make a difference?

And this brings my trip to the Parliament to a close. It was time to head ‘home’ and begin preparing our Thanksgiving dinner.

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sweetie ! I loved seeing you have fun with this and M too? LOL
It is hard to believe I spent so much of my life there in Ottawa .. west end actually .. Bells Corners actually .. saw these buildings ages ago .. I am an anti-monarchist and hate to see money wasted on that ancient out of date useless crew ..hum? I guess you now know how I feel about them ? LOL
Glad you two had fun there : )
PS .. sorry I have been laying low not feeling well. I have 120 bulbs to plant so I have to kick my A**!