13 Oct 2012

Tripping Over Thanksgiving: Part Three- Daytrippers

DSC_0016E lives in Woodlawn, Ontario, but a sign as you pass through says ‘Welcome to Charlotte Bay’ so I am somewhat confused as to how one would address an envelope. I shall find out when I send a Christmas card. Regardless, imagine waking up to this sight every day!

DSC_0028  The soil is shallow and quite sandy which makes it difficult to grow, but the magnificent forests are all the confidence one needs to try their hand at gardening.

DSC_0020The colours of Fall were in their amazing glory. The Acer saccharum stood out like a flaming beacon. I too loved the Quercus, Tillia, and Populus that populated the forest.

DSC_0025  The mountains in the distance are the Gatineau. Charlotte Bay is actually part of a spit. The beach was all but deserted on this early morning visit, but is usually well populated during the vacation season. The village itself reminded me of Kettle Point – a haven for cottagers, interspersed with year round residences.

DSC_0129On Tuesday we ventured forth yet again. In the village of Pakenham, we stopped at this stunning bridge. It is the only five span bridge remaining in all of North America. Below are two plaques that provide visitors with a brief history:



It was a beautiful spot and M, E and I enjoyed stretching our legs and taking photos! Apparently there is a severe undertow at the base of the falls and several signs warned potential swimmers of the danger!

DSC_0134 DSC_0138 DSC_0135 DSC_0139 DSC_0141It would have been easy to spend the whole day there, but there was a wool shop to visit, lunch in a neighboring pub and a nature walk ahead of us. Time to get back on the road!

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