2 Dec 2012

Really? Did You Think You Could Resist My Beauty?

DSC_0038DSC_0039 Earlier I posted about my dismay at not being able to bring home the holiday tree of my dreams, due to its size! After many sleepless nights and days of steering clients towards something else…..


 What about the ‘Nordman fir? Its the ‘new kid on the block’ and the one that is number two in sales this year? Or….

DSC_0036 When it comes to tip count, nothing comes close to the ‘Fraser’ – the number one best seller over at LittleTree no questions asked! It does have phenomenal bluish silver, twisted branches, and comes in a wide range of heights from 2-4m! Or maybe you’d like

DSC_0044Noble Fir’ is popular amongst floral designers who appreciate its flat, rigid branches that add a vertical presence to an urn or other floral arrangement. As a tree it has deep, flat branching which allows for ornaments to be hung ‘deeply’ along the branches – always a bonus when you have an heirloom collection of fragile breakables!

DSC_0038 In the end logic prevailed and after consulting with my family – this would be the first live tree for both my younger sister and two nephews, I got the go ahead. Of course with Abies concolor, its branches aren’t a decorators ideal – bushy and full, but a little on the ‘cascading’ side – which meant reconsidering how exactly to decorate it. I have an idea – one that includes white lights, delightful white owls and little else! It will definitely mark a break from the more traditional decorating scheme, but when have I ever been traditional when it comes to all things botanical? Here’s hoping that this is the beginning of a new [old] tradition – one that started with my Grandparents who had a fresh cut tree every holiday season. Stay tuned. The tree itself will have to undergo a ‘trimming’ of sorts before it comes home on the 15th, whence the fun will begin! Has anyone else fallen for something rare and unusual when it comes to the festive holiday tree?

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Hi Barry!

My favorite has always been the Noble. I love the look of the branches and the tight needles. However, they are much pricier than the ubiquitous conical-shaped Doug fir so we usually just get this. For several years I just got a fake tree but my grown kids will not tolerate anything artificial and I can't really blame them.

One year when the kids were tiny, hubby and I foolishly brought home a Blue Spruce. It was so prickly, it took hours to get it decorated. It looked wonderful but I certainly wouldn't recommend it without a caveat--impenetrable gloves!

I hope you are able to get the tree of your dreams--the one that fits inside the house which might be the Plan B tree, right? :)