31 Dec 2012

The ‘Must Have’ List: Part the Fourth


The Japanese invasion is well under way within the retinue of plants that make up Teza’s Hortus Magnificum, and I’m hoping to add another A.palmatum selection next Spring. One of my ‘if its rare and unusual I’ll take one’ clients was mentioning a sublime  variegated dissected selection called ‘Hana Matoi’ and of course I was instantly curious to learn more!

It is already being touted as the most exciting new A.palmatum to hit the American market. Its pink variegation is nothing less than ‘phenomenal!’ Spring foliage is said to emerge purple with pink and cream variegations. With the increased heat of summer, its base purple morphs towards green, while the superb pink and cream variegations remains constant. An apparent cultivar of A.p ‘Toyama nishiki’  it is said to be somewhat ‘touchy’  in its need for a decidedly shadier positioning than with others within the species. It has also been referred to as being a ‘tweener’ – falling somewhere between a ‘matsumurae’ and a ‘dissectum’ as far as groups are concerned. Regardless, its gorgeous beyond words, and with its decidedly diminutive stature of 0.5-1m and 1-2m it is the perfect addition to a postage stamp sized property such as mine! Another ‘Must Have’ selection that is safely sequestered at Whistling Gardens for me! There’s nothing like a good ‘dealer’ when you need one!

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