13 Jun 2015

I Spy

You know you're leaving early and returning late when you almost miss the chance to see your beloved Itoh Paeonia with his stunning lemon yellow flowers unfurled. I was determined to see GB [Going Bananas] open tonight, and partially succeeded. I guess the stop off at DQ for an after work treat could have been avoided, and I would have had a stunning portrait, but beggars cannot be choosers, and I am more than thrilled with the results! If I were to tell you that it has a somewhat fruity aroma, how many of you would believe me? He does, he truly does.

I am partial to the foliage on this garden variety/tree cross, and while it does not bloom as prolifically as the ubiquitous garden varieties, there is something to be said for a yellow flowering species that comes true every year...... no offense Molly, but you only seem to fade to a yellow after opening pink!

I first fell head over heels for Deutzia x 'Magicien' in the display gardens of Lost Horizons, and when I was able to acquire one of my own, I knew it would be the perfect foil to try and hide an ungainly, over-sized heating/air conditioning unit at the side of the house. His flowers are a delightful two tone, and as you can see in the photo below, there are literally hundreds of buds to open in the coming weeks! Hundreds upon hundreds. It never fails to stop people walking the sidewalk dead in their tracks with the now common mantra.... 'Excuse me, but what is that?'

There was a bit of sun trying to peek out along the side of the house, but most was effectively blocked with my rather large coppiced Cotinus coggygria 'Grace' whose trunk is as thick as my forearm. Hard to believe it started off as a 2 gallon, multi stemmed shrub! It is rather spectacular if I might say so myself!

I do love the view that I am afforded when crouched down with the lens of the camera pointing out and downward between the wooden slats of the veranda. Its almost like I am secretly spying on someone - in which case it is in the plural form - as I love witnessing the cacophony of plant material that makes up this narrow border that runs the length of the garage that extends from the front of the house. Many of my most treasured children reside in this bed most happily, and as it is front and centre, it does get a lot of attention. Lets have a look see....

I am always surprised with the volume and spread of what is one of my favourite fern selections - Adiantum pedatum, also known as the five finger, or maidenhair fern. Dark ebony infused wiry stems and long, slender fronds that in fact to resemble fingers make for a delightful textural contrast! 

If I were ever to find myself incarcerated, I think I should like to have a view through my cell bars as close to this as is possible! It never fails to amaze me how totally and utterly different your garden can appear when you seek out a less than conventional or obvious view. Try it! I guarantee the results will astound you. 

More delightful rain is in the works for the next few days, so I am sure in a week's time I will have to post another update! Grow my sweet children grow your wee green hearts out!


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me exactly how you copiced yor smoke bush with out a lot of extra shoots coming out once it was copiced. We planted three this year one is fairly large and already has a single trunk. The others have several stems. Your expertise is greatly appreciated. Glenda

Barry said...

Mine was four stems in a 2G pot when it came home with me. I gave it two years to establish itself and to also ascertain its overall shape. I then removed one side stem per year. The tallest and straightest were left behind. I have never had suckers or shoots with this one which is C .coggygria 'Grace' which I find to be one of the more robust forms. As the remaining trunk grew I noticed a forking in it so made sure to ensure that the crown was as solidly congested and full as possible. Hope this helps.