14 Jun 2015

A Rainy Day Golden Eclipse

The perfect 'Heathcliff' day - overcast, a gentle, mist like rain falling, and everything lushly green, growing by the minute. This is the ultimate nursery crawl day - where you don the appropriate rain gear, decent footwear, grab the list you've been creating and head into the wild green yonder. Unless of course you have to work, and then you welcome these same people to your nursery!

His centre looks like the sun! Was greeted with the bright, cheery face of my resident Itoh upon return from work today. Something to be said for shutting down an hour early in hopes of being greeted with this golden face full of sunshine! I love 'Going Bananas' the plant far more than I do its name!

There are eight potential blooms, five of which are now fully open, while three will likely unfurl their golden glory tomorrow or the day after. What is it about the single to semi double blooms that causes my breath to catch and my heart to skip a beat. I only wish my Grandmother were here to see her silly Grandson drop to his knees in silent supplication every year as it blooms. 

I think I am going to forward a copy of this set of photos on to a dear and wonderful artist who I am sure could create a magic quite similar to the actual bloom itself. I will have to see if he would consider creating a series of paintings for me. 

Everything about this plant deserves far more attention than it receives. Within the Itoh series, there are few yellow flowering selections, and I believe this is the only semi double of the bunch. I know that Bartzella remains the most popular, and as a double, rightfully so, but for those among us that prefer something more subdued and fragile...... I could pontificate here forever but need to get on with other chores.

Here is a frontal view of the plant. He is still rather small, but if his growth and flowering of the past two years is any indication, I will seriously have to think about relocating some of this neighbouring siblings in the near future...... in the meantime, lets bask in his golden glory for a few more minutes shall we!

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Barbarapc said...

Barry - Going Bananas is lovely - and such a worthy portrait subject. Here in Oakville, your pale yellow monkshood is in bloom!!!! So sweet and pretty and fortunately not murdered by those morons from Bell who drove their ditchwitch over the bed. Have got to find an Itoh or two - the featured large on the TBG tour this w/e - so much to recommend them - the blossoms and the leaves - magnificent. And, do you carry Indigofera kirilowii - saw one at the TBG last week and they had to pry my hands off it in the garden while I cried, "I want one, I want one, I want one....."