22 Aug 2015

An August Angel

I think of her often 
at this time of year, when the
golden branches of Ogon are ablaze

 Remembering back to the year
that my Meconopsis
bloomed and then disappeared,

Turning his back to me,
confident that I would not soon forget
his staggering beauty,

and her face comes to me again,
the same golden wisps of her hair,
the same chilling blue of
her eyes

And it is less lonely,
less painful,
four years on.


Alain Charest said...

It is something to be proud of to have had one to bloom. I have not yet tried. My neighbours at Larkwhistle have had some blooming many years ago. If one could know ahead of time that the summer will be cool...
My parents live a few miles from the Reford Garden which has probably the best collection of meconopsis in the East (perhaps not including NFL) I always make a point to go and see them when I visit at the right time.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sweetie I remember mine in the same way .. I was so enraptured by them I was literally beside myself drinking every detail in .. I will have to go through old photos on CD where I have them ... if only we could have cooler summers I know we could keep them going !
Joy : )