21 Aug 2015

Four Years On: The Unmarked Road

I thought that we had all the time in the world -
that we would be able to plan
the grand reunion as it were,
where for a weekend
we could pass off the partners
and children, the pets
and obligations
and escape.....

back to a time when we burned
with a feverish intensity,
one that literally scorched itself upon
every one and every thing
we touched.

We didn't have the answers
to the questions that we do now,
and I cannot help but wonder
if given the chance,
would we want to see what
lay down the road.

Instead, we grabbed life
in a chokehold and burned
through each day
and night as though
it was our last.

Four years ago today
our band of gold
lost the weight and brilliance
that was our beloved Cathy,
taken far too soon,
but released from
her suffering.

In one of our last
she said I had the heart and soul
of a writer,
a dream I have always grasped hold of,
and she mentioned a
story I had written,
about our group,
something she'd recently stumbled

How I wish life
could have mimicked

And so I write this down
knowing that one day
soon, I will write a
different story.....

One about a group of people
who in their own unique and special ways,
have had a profound effect
upon life as I know it today.

Missing you Cathy.

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